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[Update] Flash Gordon Blu-ray Steelbook

[Update] Flash Gordon Blu-ray Steelbook

Thanks to reader Dave Fletcher (via contact/submit form) he has pointed out to us (albeit a few days ago, been a hectic week!) that the release of Flash Gordon in the UK will be coming in beautiful steelbook form! Currently the listing is up already on and showing a release date of August 23rd. (subject to change) No artwork is currently up.

The picture is that of a dvd steelbook and just for show, originated from listing.

This release is being listed at as “Steel Tin”, however, is listing it as “Flash Gordon – 30th Anniversary Ltd Edition – Special Edition Steelbook”. I think this is a safe bet that it will be a Steelbook. Also, here’s the updated picture of the artwork. Click on the image to make it larger.



  1. love this movie

  2. I contacted Amazon about this – Play describe it as 2 disc, Amazon don't and only show "1 disc" in the details. They said –

    "I have checked our website for this item and found that under the "Product details" tab it is listed as:

    Number of discs: 1

    I understand that sometimes the amount of information we display can make deciding on an item difficult, unless you already know something about the product.

    However, the information listed for this product on our website is all the manufacture has passed along to us.

    In order to address this query efficiently, we will need to carry out a physical check of the item in our Fulfilment Centre.

    As this item is currently on Pre-order and will be released on August 23, 2010, for this reason it is not possible for us to physical check it.

    In this case, I kindly request you to contact us once this item get released so that we will happy to check it in our Fulfilment Centre whether it is a 2 disk version or not."

    However they both have the same pic.. I reckon it is likely Amazon will have 2 disc version, it *so far* doesn't say exclusive to Play… I've hedged my bets and ordered with Play – ok they're 6p more but… 🙂

    Hope this helps



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