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Futureshop Announces Two More Possible Steelbooks

Futureshop Announces Two More Possible Steelbooks

Take it with a grain of salt, seeing how Brana’s last unofficial confirmation ended up not being a reality, we’ll just leave it as a possible Steelbook. Brana has announced Angelina Jolie’s Salt and Family Guy’s It’s A Trap for Blu-ray Steelbook. You can check out the posts here and here.

Seeing as Fox has a strict no exclusive release policy, is important to support the few Fox titles in order to get more, just like Brana mentions in the post below.

Brana’s quote:

This one is important for us as it’s the first Steelbook we’ve been able to do in ages since Fox has had a no exclusive hence no steelbook policy. If this one is a success we might be able to see more Fox Steelbooks in the future. I mean like Alien singles ….

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I completely forgot to let you know to note that the Family Guy Steelbook is going to be a DVD Steelbook. Sorry. :p


  1. You missed an important part about the post:

    As this is a TV show it will be on the DVD version. There is a Bluray version for this but we had to decide which way would likely be more successful for a TV show and right now DVD is much larger for that segment.

    This will be a DVD SteelBook unless somethng changes.

    • Yes, I did. Thanks for the reminders 😀

  2. Would love both of them! Especially Family Guy…

  3. Darn, I only love the blu-ray steelbook size. Can't fir DVD steelbooks on my Blu-ray shelf. Blu-ray won, so what's the hold up with these companies anyways?

  4. Hey DJobitwan… They are still cool to collect even if they are dvd steelbooks!

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