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Salt Blu-ray SteelBook Coming to Best Buy

Salt Blu-ray SteelBook Coming to Best Buy

On December 21st, Salt starring Angelina Jolie will be getting blu-ray steelbook treatment in the USA at retailer Best Buy. This isn’t 100% confirmed but we’ll follow up on that. If this is true, it will be nice to see a new release blu-ray steelbook in the USA. 2011 should be a more readily available year for US resident collectors of steelbooks. It is currently showing a price of 24.99 and is available for pre-order.

Product Listing: Salt Blu-ray SteelBook Best Buy


  1. Very cool! Finally in the U.S!

  2. Look out for Best Buy coupons in email; I was able to score this for $10.65 shipped 🙂

  3. I picked up the last copy at the Best Buy in Glendale today. It wasn’t out and I had to ask a stock person to go look for it in the warehouse, but I got it. According to the website there are no more in SoCal. Pretty sweet feeling picking that one up. 🙂

  4. Scratch that, looks like there are more at Glendale and at
    the Chino Hills store.

  5. Ya'll got lucky.

    I went down to my local Best Buy the very day it came out and they were completely out. Tried ordering it online right after that and just got an email saying that the warehouse for online orders won't be receiving any more inventory. Disappointed I couldn't pick this one up for such a great price.

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