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20Q: Blu-ray Steelbook Collector Interview

20Q: Blu-ray Steelbook Collector Interview

It’s been a while since we showcased another person’s collection, but they seemed to be popular posts of the past. Today we bring to you a 20 questions like interview with well known steelbook collector Apsmith21.

1. What made you start collecting Blu-ray steelbooks?

After I saw my first HD DVD (T2 from Germany) steelbook from an import group buy I did, I had to start checking out the blu-ray ones.

2. What makes them so appealing?

I think the feel of them in my hand – the weight of the case makes itsubstantial. Another reason would be the artwork and the effects on the steelbook – highlights, embossing – just seeing something unique in the
presentation of the case.

3. How many do you own?

Over 130 right now.

4. Which one was your first one?

Sweeney Todd.

5. Which one cost you the most?

I Am Legend (Germany) before it was reprinted.

6. Which one is your favorite?

John Rambo (original release)

7. Is there any that you haven’t been able to acquire?

Not a one – you just need to be patient and eventually you can find the one you are looking for. I am in no means a completist, so I don’t feel the urge to get all the variations / different UPCs, etc. But if I wanted one bad enough, I eventually found it.

8. What bothers you more, a printed ratings logo or dvd size casing? If this bothers you at all …

Dvd sized case. Really, really hate them since it messes up the height of my blu
cases on the shelf.

9. Do you collect anything else besides Blu-ray Steelbooks?

I’ve started getting a few of the ironpacks, but other than that – not really – this hobby takes all my money.

10. What are the top 3 holy grails to obtain in regards to blu-ray steelbooks in your opinion?

John Rambo (
Iron Man (future shop)
Sweeney Todd ( exclusive with booklet – but it would have to be sealed).

11. Have any rules for yourself as to which you seek out to buy?

The rules have evolved as I continue collecting, but recently it’s just to get one release for a steelbook. I try to pick my favorite and go for that one – no matter what country it’s from.

12. Do you collect any other Blu-ray editions to the same magnitude?

My ironpack collection is getting off the ground, but I have probably have about
20 of them right now.

13. What movie would you like to see get the steelbook treatment?

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

14. Which country releases the best steelbooks in your opinion?

Future Shop has done a pretty bang up job when they get a steelbook release.

15. Anything you don’t like about the steelbooks?

Probably the fact that when purchasing them, retailers do not understand or don’t care to understand how fragile they can be, and shipping them without extra padding or protection exposes them to lots of potential damage.

16. What’s worse a tiny scratch or tiny dent or security tag pressed against the steel?

It would have to be a dent or ding that can’t be fixed – on the edges, hard to get to places.

17. Where do you live? Is it difficult to get certain releases?

I live in the Northeast US – but in this global economy, it’s not hard to get steelbooks – it’s just hard to find a local store that carries them. Fortunately, we’re seeing more of them being released at places like Best Buy and Walmart. Hopefully this continues for new releases in the future.

18. What’s the worst experience you’ve had collecting steelbooks?

It has to be my very first trade with a foreign member – I didn’t know about international shipping
at the time and trying to find out where the item I sent to him ended up was pretty stressful.

19. What’s the best experience you’ve had collecting steelbooks?

The majority of people that I’ve worked with in the past are just a lot of fun and good upstanding folks,
and now that I have the ability to help or be helped by many similar collectors worlwide
is a very cool thing.

20. If you want to submit any product feedback, complaints, compliments or suggestions to SteelBook & Scanavo then what would they be?

I know this is not something steelbook has control over – so maybe this a plea to all those movie studios out there – take a look at what some competitors are doing with the collectible cases. Artwork that is DIFFERENT from the normal movie release ADDS to the appeal of a steelbook. It ADDs to it’s uniqueness and collectability. Using the same art as the amaray case, is just not that much fun, or really worth it, in my opnion.

For catalog releases this is EXTREMELY important. The best looking steelbooks out there are the ones that havea unique image on the front and back, as well as the inside. one of the big reasons why I collect steelbooks is because they are “purty”.

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