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Hot Deal Alert: Book of Eli Collectors Edition

Hot Deal Alert: Book of Eli Collectors Edition

The Book of Eli Blu-ray Steelbook Collectors Edition from Germany has been hovering at 14.97 euros for the past day. As of now it seems to be out of stock, and only available from 3rd party used. All the 3rd Party used are actually all fulfilled from amazon germany. If you read closely you can see what minor defects they have as some are only small tears in the actual box itself.

Additionally, you might want to keep your eye on the listing as it may jump back in stock and you can score it for one heck of a price. Has anyone else already bought this? I did, and it’s a great edition! Awesome movie!

The Book of Eli – Special Limited Edition exklusiv für [Blu-ray]

For a great look at this edition view our previous post that showcases what all is inside.
Book of Eli German Collectors Edition

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