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Skyline Steelbooks in Germany and Holland

Skyline Steelbooks in Germany and Holland

Looks like collectors will have two choices when it comes to the release of Skyline Blu-ray Steelbook. Both Steelbooks have similar artwork with very minimal differences. is listing the item at EUR 17.99 (approx. $26.08 USD) with a release date of May 12th. In Holland you can currently obtain this item from for EUR 19.99 (approx. $28.97 USD) with a release date of May 19th. Check below for the artwork and links to the listing. link Link


  1. A buddy of mine at work(Karlos) said this movie was GREAT! Gonna get it buddy! Thanxs!

    • Seems like people have various opinions. A buddy of mine said it was bad. Also, he mentioned Battle Los Angeles was a better alien invasion film. For what is worth I haven’t seen neither so take it with a grain of salt.

  2. I saw both and liked this one better! Make your choice! Both cool movies though and this one I'm sure is a great steelbook!

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