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Unlock your potential with a Limitless Steelbook

Unlock your potential with a Limitless Steelbook

Another steelbook in the Netherlands has been announced and this time it’s for the thriller Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish.

Currently scheduled for an August 18, 2011 drop this steelbook will be a retailer exclusive to Media Markt in the Netherlands. The current listed price for in store purchases is 17,99 euro (about $26 USD).

Please note that the distributor of this A Film Distribution BV also issued Kick Ass in steelbook last year and that release reportedly worked in many (if not all) Region A players.

It is unclear at this time if other steelbook editions for this title will be released in other countries.

Read more about what steelbook fans are saying about this release in our steelbook forums.

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