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Thor Steelbook on the Horizon!

Thor Steelbook on the Horizon! in the UK has listed the latest super hero flick Thor on their site as a Steelbook. Currently there is no release date, but there’s a price of £17.99 (approx. $29.04 USD). We’ll keep you posted on this one.


  1. Cant wait for this, hope there is a steelbook version in USA like UK.

    artwork is up.

  2. I hate that doesn't deliver to the states. This steelbook looks awesome!

  3. AT least we know that it's region free

  4. Does anyone know if the UK version stickes are removable, iv seen two versions of this movie one UK with stupid radings on both sides and a greman one with out and embossed? Is the UK version the same?

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