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The Smurfs Blu-ray SteelBook Announced!

The Smurfs Blu-ray SteelBook Announced!

HOOOOOOOOOOOOO THUNDERCATS! Oh wait, sorry … wrong 80’s cartoon. Let’s try this again, la-la-la-lalalala – The Smurfs made their resurgence this summer in the box office and now we’re gearing up for their home media release. What better way to relive their iconic place in cartoon tv history than to have a Steelbook edition for their theatrical release when released to blu-ray! FutureShop in Canada has confirmed that The Smurfs will be getting special SteelBook packaging treatment. We first reported this news on our forums and in our specific forum thread with all the details of the SteelBook, and from whom all geek-like credit of initial findings and all that good stuff is listed.

The Smurfs Blu-ray SteelBook

Additionally, the FutureShop product buyer has posted the tentative artwork for the Steelbook in question. You can view those pics down below. This is shaping up to be one fantastic looking Smurfs steelbook that even Papa Smurf would be proud of. Take notice to the highly decorated spine! This will be an interesting release for SteelBook collectors no doubt!


  1. cool.

  2. too bad the movie SUCKED…

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